Mary Estrera

74E30535-4573-4D3E-AEA0-3FFD73DFCFF6Class: 2019
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Major/Minor: Undecided
Favorite cookie: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Favorite music:
musicals: Little Women, Next to Normal, Violet, Hamilton, Merrily We Roll Along, Carousel
non-musicals: Haim, St. Vincent, Summer Camp, Vampire Weekend, Sara Bareilles, Neutral Milk Hotel, Blondie,
Likes: Miniature Versions of Objects, Thrifting, Edamame, Full House, Roller Skating, Glitter, Lisa Frank, Conspiracy Theories, Broad City, Dream Journals
Dislikes: the Giant Island of Trash Floating in the Pacific Ocean, Full Priced Items, Airport Salads
a quote:
fun fact: I am a firm believer that Ace of Cakes was a better cake decorating show than Cake Boss

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