Maren McKenna

unnamed-6Class: 2020

Major: anthropology

Hometown: eliot, maine

Sun Sign: libra

Favorite Cookie: homebaked chocolate chip cookies

Favorite Music: some all time faves are: the punch brothers, pinegrove, FIDLAR, hockey dad, mac demarco, the beach boys, kendrick lamar, the decemberists, talking heads, frank ocean, james brown, julien baker, SALES, and simon & garfunkel. picture ur dad in the 60’s going to CBGB, but he’s also gay and emo and cries when songs have emotional fiddle and that’s my music aesthetic.

Likes: fluffy cats, noodles, floral tattoos, fun socks, chai tea, portlandia, every dog in the world, big sweaters, saving the bees

Dislikes: the “man meat” card in cards against humanity, when your socks get holes in them, snoring

Favorite Quote: “burn me once with tea, shame on me. burn you twice in your own mouth, shame on everybody involved”