We are the M&Cs, one of four a cappella groups at Mount Holyoke College.

The group was founded in 1989 by Jenn Salvatore Kendra, Claudia Barth Bennett, Michelle Radcliffe, and Shanette Barth, after watching the Baker’s Dozen’s Spring Jam at Yale in 1990. Shanette wrote, “We were singing and harmonizing in the car ride back from Yale and we decided to start a new group on campus. We had no idea it would really take off – and certainly never thought it would exist more than 15 years later.”

Our group is named after an old and cherished Mount Holyoke tradition, milk and cookies. Without fail, every evening at 9:30pm, milk and cookies are put out for all the students at MHC.

Most importantly, though, the M&Cs are a group of friends who love to have fun and make music together.


We hold auditions every semester on the first Saturday after the start of classes. Please sign up for an audition time on the sheet by the Blanch info desk or in the lobby after OJam!

Auditions are held in the South Delles Sunroom. Please prepare a verse and chorus of a song of your choice (no show tunes, please!)

We look forward to hearing your voice!


Instagram: @mandcs

Facebook: M&Cs A Cappella 


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